Radical Zing Hybrid Bowling Ball


Radical Zing Hybrid Bowling Ball

URD ξJanuary 16, 2020
COREξ Asymmetric (DynamiCore)
Coverstockξ Forged 2 Hybrid

The RadicalξZing Hybrid Bowling Ballξfeatures the same core as the very successful Zing! The Forged 2 Hybrid is a new cover formulation combining the Forged 2 Solid with the Forged 2 Pearl. Our testers felt the Forged 2 Hybrid cover wrapped around the very dynamic Zing! core gave the RadicalξZing HybridξBowling Ball a bit more length and even more backend recovery, combining this strong match up with the hard-hitting DynamiCore, and you have a great addition to the original Zing! The Zing! core was designed to get ahead of the USBC no balance hole rule and has proven to be a success allowing shops to get the same dynamic motion the customer desired without the use of a balance hole. The RadicalξZing HybridξBowling Ball is just another example of why Radical has become the technical leader.