Roto Grip Hustle P-O-W

Others sit back in their living room recliners and watch. We’re out here in the streets, on the lanes, making it happen, leaving our mark. We don’t slow down and we never give up. Our Hustle™ cores keep us moving controlled and true as our three different coverstocks give us the versatility to match any beat. Now step up and make your mark. 

With the lowest RG value in the HP1 line, expect an early break with predictable, consistent motion. 

With three coverstock options, there’s a Hustle for every throwing style. The new Pumped™ pearl reactive cover is ideal for clearing the lane in drier conditions and providing a nice bite at the end. GO EASY ON THE OIL...
We’re flexible, adaptable and we love to strut our stuff. Our style might be slick, but we put our best moves down on lighter oil conditions.

  • Coverstock: Pumped Reactive Pearl
  • Weight Block: Hustle Core
  • Ball Color: Pink / Onyx / White Pearl (Actual ball color may vary.)
  • Lane Condition: Medium-Light to Light Oil
  • Ball Finish: 1500-grit Polished (can be sanded)
  • Flare Potential: Low-Medium
  • RG: 16#-2.53, 15#-2.53, 14#-2.55, 13#-2.63, 12#-2.65, 11#-2.73, 10#-2.77
  • RG Differential: 16#-0.030, 15#-0.030, 14#-0.030, 13#-0.009, 12#-0.011, 11#-0.012, 10#-0.015
  • 1 Year Complete Warranty

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