Ebonite X-tra Skin - DiscountBowlingSupply.com

Ebonite X-tra Skin


Blisters can get in the way of a good game and a fun time. Throw on a layer of Ebonite X-tra Skin and protect against those game-ruining skin irrit...

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Ebonite Perfect Patch - DiscountBowlingSupply.com

Ebonite Perfect Patch


Flexible bandage protects thumb from abrasions and provides a clean thumb release. Waterproof Protects against blisters Provides quick thumb relea...

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Ebonite Ultra Magic Wrap Tape - DiscountBowlingSupply.com

Ebonite Ultra Magic Wrap Tape


Special texture allows for smooth release. SOLD IN SINGLES Protects against blisters, cuts and sores Use with or without finger inserts