Motiv Jackal Flash Bowling Ball

SKU TL138F_14

Motiv Jackal Flash Bowling Ball

The Motiv Jackal Flash Release date is 9/16/20

The Jackal series from MOTIV offers maximum performance and the new Motiv Jackal Flash is an incredible addition. It is the strongest asymmetrical pearl ball that MOTIV has ever developed.

If you are bowling with larger amounts of oil with a solid asymmetrical ball, such as the Jackal Ghost or the Alpha Jackal, the ball you are switching to should show a similar strength, but pass through the layout of the track and react faster in the backend. And that is exactly why the Motiv Jackal Flash was built.

The technology contained in the 3-color Pearl Shell is synergistically combined and matched with a 5000 grit LSP finish to achieve a brachial effect in the pins. The asymmetric Predator V2 core has an extremely low RG and is equipped with a high differential to maximize rotation and trajectory potential. This powerful core is equipped with the latest infusion HV Pearl Reactive shell from MOTIV, to provide the length and strong angle that is often needed on long oil samples.

The Motiv Jackal Flash was developed for long oil patterns or when heavily oiled tracks change, while high-rotation bowlers can take the ball out of their pocket first. Speed-dominant bowlers, who normally cannot throw Pearl balls, find that the Jackal Flash motif is very versatile under moderate conditions.

Color: Orange/Silver/Blue Pearl
*Please note that colors may slightly vary from image shown
Coverstock: Infusion™ HV Pearl Reactive
Weight Block: Predator V2
Factory Finish: 5000 Grit Laser Scan Polished
Flare Potential: 6"+ (High)
Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.47
Differential (Diff): 0.054
Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): 0.015



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