Storm Intense Fire Bowling Ball

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Storm Intense Fire Bowling Ball

Burn bright and immolate anything in your way with the Storm Intense Fire!
The Storm Intense Fire features the RAD (Radial Accelerating Disk) technology now in its sixth generation. This new iteration of the flagship design retains energy and quickly dispatches it on the pins, making this a contemporary contender to obliterate the pin deck.
Paired excellently with the RS3 Hybrid coverstock polished to a fine 1500-Grit finish, the Intense Fire makes its way easily through the heads to deliver a delayed backend reaction on medium-heavy oil conditions.




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  • Hi, are you guys going to have the Storm Intense Fire in stock soon ???? I use a 16 lbs Thanks

    I am sorry that ball is discontinued and no longer available

  • Is it as good as Hi road. What is the difference between them.

    They both have their similarties and differences. Both balls are for med-heavy oil patterns that will hook for you. The major difference is the Intense is an Aysmetrical ball and the Hy-Road is symmetrical. The Hy-Road has been selling strong since 2007. It was one of the best balls ever created. Tough to beat!
    Hope this helps,

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