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Summer Ball Sale! Save an extra 10% using code: ALLSUMMERLONG

Brunswick Rhino Red Black Gold Pearl Bowling Ball

Original price $82.95 - Original price $82.95
Original price
$82.95 - $82.95
Current price $82.95
Weight: 10 lbs.

Brunswick Rhino Red Black Gold Pearl Bowling Ball

The new R-16 reactive coverstock describes our latest formulation that provides a perfect balance between power and control. The R-16 formula produces easy length and backend hook motion without extreme sensitivity to the dry and oily parts of the lane.

The traditional light bulb core shape delivers outstanding ball motion and impressive pin action for more strikes and higher scores.

The Rhino can be drilled using the standard drilling techniques developed for symmetric bowling balls.

At Brunswick, the unique core shape of each individual ball is used for weights from 12 to 16 pounds. This approach to lightweight ball engineering provides bowlers with consistent ball reaction characteristics across this weight range.

  • Color: Black Pearl (Actual ball color may vary.)
  • Core Type: Light Bulb
  • Coverstock: R-16 Reactive
  • Finish: 500 Siaair / Royal Compound / Royal Shine
  • RG Max: 2.554
  • RG Min: 2.524
  • RG Differential: 0.030
  • Hook Potential: 95 (low 10 - high 250)
  • Length: 160 (early 25 - long 235)
  • Breakpoint Shape: 90 Smooth Arc (smooth 10 - angular 150)
  • 1 Year Complete Warranty

Coverstock Type: Reactive Pearl

Core Type: Symmetrical 

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  • what is the ball you sell with highest durometer reading?

    that is not given to us as a number. Todays reactive bowling balls are porous and absorb oil while being used on the lane. Some of the hardest balls on the market are Hammers Carbon Fiber balls. Hope this helps.

  • Do the finger holes come predrilled or does that need to be done after?

    No all of our bowling balls come brand new undrilled. We do offer a conventional drilling option for $19.95. Here is a link to the drilling option.

    Thank you


  • Can I throw a curve, breaking shot with this ball?

    yes this ball will hook but it is not aggressive and will not be a big hooking bowling ball. Hope this helps!