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Free Shipping On Orders Over $99!

DV8 Instigator Solid Bowling Ball

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Original price $164.95
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Weight: 12 lbs.

DV8 Instigator Bowling Ball

Release Date: 7/09/19

The Instigator introduces a new coverstock and a new core design to the DV8 family. Its Assailant core is an asymmetrical shape with a low RG (2.481″) and high total differential (0.051″). Despite being a strong reactive solid, the Instigator’s Inciter Solid cover seems to retain energy pretty well and provide for a large back end hook. It is factory finished with 500 and 3000 SiaAir pads, which also gives it plenty of traction in heavy oil.

New Assailant core shape featuring DOT and DynamiCore for optimized durability and power. Inciter Solid cover creating more traction and overall hook in oil. 500, 3000 Siaair for hook and recovery. A high-end ball that will instigate loads of wins!

We are ecstatic to incorporate Durability Optimization Technology, DOT, into the Instigator. This ball has been produced with DynamiCore and has the DOT engraving which creates the unrestricted drill area and is covered by the industry leading 4-year limited warranty.