DV8 Warrant Bowling Ball


DV8 Warrant Bowling Ball

New Captive asymmetric core shape 2.505 RG and a high 0.054 differential providing aggressive core numbers for strong ball motion. Strong skid-flip motion is provided by the proven N-Forcer SF Hybrid shell and the Warrant is an excellent go-to ball when you need a ball to get around to the corner and to help you get through transitions and lanes breaking down

Ball Maintenance
To reduce oil absorption and remove dirt from the surface of the ball, clean your ball with Ultimate Black Magic Rejuvenator immediately after each session

Warranty Info
Four years from the date of purchase

CORE äóñ Captive asymmetric core
COVERSTOCK äóñ N-Forcer SF Hybrid
FINISH äóñ 500, 1000 Siaair Crown Factory Compound


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