Hammer Redemption Solid Bowling Ball


Hammer Redemption Solid Bowling Ball

Hammer Redemption Solid Bowling Ball is full of color and full of power with an aggressive ball motion.

The Redemption Solid screams Hammer with bold orange, black, and white colors and extremely aggressive ball motion. The Redemption Solid flat out hooks and needs a lot of oil as the cover and finish are as strong as the Hammer line has ever seen. The new Redemption core also has strong numbers for more overall hook. If that doesn't excite you enough, the Redemption core also has DOT, which, of course, allows you to drill anywhere and makes these tough balls even tougher. Along with DOT is an orange inner core and the outer core is infused with carbon fiber.

Hammer Redemption Solid Bowling Ball
COLOR: Black / Orange / White
CORE: Redemption
COVERSTOCK: Aggression NE Solid
COVER TYPE: Solid Reactive
FINISH: 360, 500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad
WEIGHTS: 12-16 Pounds
REACTION: Aggressive hook
WARRANTY: Two years from purchase date
RG: 2.48

Diff: .048




Ask a Question
  • how does the ball hook, does it go straight done lane and the hook last couple of feet in front of pins? alsodo you get a hook in a 12 pd ball?

    the hammer redemption solid is a strong hooking ball. Depending on the drilling layout you choose this ball will hook on oilly lane conditions and early on the lane. If you are looking for more of a backend hook, try checking out the Hammer Redemption Pearl. This will go further down the lane before hooking on the backend. Hope this helps!

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