Master Tru Bowling Slide


TheŒæMaster Tru SlideŒæcan help you to transform almost any bowling shoe into a top-notch sliding shoe. ŒæItŒæprovides smooth, consistent slide,Œæwhich can mean better delivery and higher scores, so this can be aŒægreat addition to your bowling equipment. ŒæIt is scientifically designed, made with Dupont's non-stickŒæŒæTeflonŒ¬ to ensure top performance. ŒæItŒæfits any size of bowling shoe, and its self-adhesive backing makes itŒævery easy to apply. ŒæNow it's easier than ever toŒæget the perfect slideŒæwith any shoes.


  • Fits Any Shoe Size
  • Self-adhesive Backing

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