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Motiv Trident Odyssey Solid Bowling Ball

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Weight: 12 lbs.

Motiv Trident Odyssey Solid Bowling Ball

Available: Jan 12th 2022

The Trident™ Odyssey is the epic new addition to the popular Trident™ line.   Featuring an aggressive cover and the return of a past favorite core, the Trident™ Odyssey creates maximum hook without giving away down lane motion. Designed for control in medium-heavy to heavy oil conditions, the Trident Odyssey is a necessary addition to the bag of any bowlers encountering higher volumes of oil.

Speed Dominant:  Bowlers with exceptional ball speed or lower rev rates are normally identified as speed dominant.  For these players, the Trident Odyssey will serve as a fantastic benchmark ball.  The control the Odyssey offers is second to none and the strength of the cover should allow this to be a speed dominant player’s first ball out of the bag. 

Balanced Bowlers For bowlers whose rev-rate and ball speed match, the Trident Odyssey should be used on heavier volumes of oil and longer oil patterns at the beginning of competition.  Balanced bowlers will see an easy progression from the Trident Odyssey to the Pride, then the Venom Shock as illustrated on the Motiv ball guide.  For balanced bowlers, the Pride is a benchmark ball; the Trident Odyssey has a stronger version of the Pride coverstock with a more aggressive core.  The Motiv product line is designed for these easy transitions from one ball to the next and the Trident Odyssey is no exception.

Rev Dominant:  Bowlers with exceptionally low speed or high rev rates will likely seldom need a ball stronger than the Trident Odyssey.  Rev dominant players can use the Trident Odyssey on fresh, high volume, low friction, and long oil patterns without any concern that their ball may skid past the breakpoint.  The benefit of using the Trident Odyssey first out of the bag for rev dominant players is that its ability to continue shaping down lane allows for these players to stay in their fresh oil ball longer and use it from multiple angles. 


  • Color: Red/Blue
  • Coverstock: Coersion FYS Solid Reactive
  • Core: Turbulent
  • Finish: 2000 Grit Laser Scan Sanded
  • Reaction: Creates Maximum Hook without Giving Back End Motion
  • RG:  2.64(#12) 2.57(#13) 2.51(#14) 2.49(#15) 2.49(#16)
  • Diff: 0.029(#12) 0.042(#13) 0.054(#14) 0.054(#15) 0.051(#16)
  • Flare: 7"+
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy Oil

Brand: Motiv
Category: Bowling Ball