Radical Squatch Hybrid Bowling Ball

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Radical Squatch Hybrid Bowling Ball

URD  January 16, 2020
CORE  Symmetric (DynamiCore)
Coverstock  Ai-39 Hybrid

The Squatch Hybrid adds a new motion to the Squatch line up, more hook than the original Squatch, and more flip than the Squatch Solid. The Squatch Hybrid features the very aggressive Ai-39 Solid coverstock combined with the original Ai-39 Pearl. This cover combination places the Squatch Hybridmotion right between the original and the solid. The colors of the Squatch Hybrid, in my opinion, are even more appealing than the colors of the original Squatch, which, as we all know, helped make the first Squatch a resounding success. The Squatch Hybrid also features incredible DynamiCore technology. The super-popular Squatch core, DynamiCore technology, Ai-39 Hybrid coverstock, and the sexy color combination makes this all-time “Hide and go seek champion of the world” a must-have for every league or tournament bag.