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Free Shipping On Orders Over $99!

SCBP NuBall Bowling Ball Rejuvenator

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Modern bowling balls have a porous surface, which gives the balls traction, allowing them to "hook", hit hard, and mix up the pins. With use, the pores become clogged with lane oil and dust, and these "newish" characteristics fade... NuBall brings new life to bowling balls by removing that oil and dirt. Heated air is circulated in the enclosed chamber, safely and effectively warming the ball, which causes the oil to expand and come to the surface, where it can be easily wiped off. The entire ball is heated evenly, including the bottom, thanks to a specially designed cup which allows air to circulate under the ball, as well as catching oil that drips off the ball. The process takes approximately 1 hour. NuBall is the first machine of its kind priced for the individual bowler. It costs less than some bowling balls, and will pay for itself after just a few uses. It eliminates the need to take a ball to a pro shop to have it "baked", for a fee. NuBall is convenient, easy to use, and light weight - less than 8 lbs. It measures 13.5" in diameter, and 14.5" high. Easy, safe 30-day returns policy and excellent 2-year limited warranty. 


  • 450W unit with enclosed fan moves heated air inside chamber
  • Custom cup/ball-stand allows heated air to circulate under the ball, and catches oil runoff
  • Adjustable thermostat - heats ball uniformly and safely
  • Simple to operate. NuBall is a great gift idea!