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Free Shipping On Orders Over $99!

Turbo Beige Semi-Coarse Bowling Tape 1 in.

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Turbo Beige Semi-Coarse Tape 1 in. is great for smooth release.  It assists with a great fit for your bowling ball.  This Fitting Tape is a type of cloth tape designed to modify your release of the bowling ball, ease your grip tension and / or adjust the finger and thumb hole size without having to make major adjustments to the ball drilling. If you deal with increased swelling when you go bowling, Fitting Tape may help you to develop a solution. You will no longer have to bother with picking pieces of tape out of your bowling ball.  Just apply the tape to your fingers or thumb before bowling and remove layers of tape as you swell. Scissor is for illustration only and is not included.



  • Each roll of tape is 1" wide
  • About 14' in length
  • Typically provide 40-50 applications, depending on your use
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