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Free Shipping On Orders Over $99!

Turbo Pre-Cut Purple Semi-Coarse Tape

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Turbo Purple Semi-Coarse Pre-Cut Tape 1 in. offers reliable protection. It also helps with grip and release. This Fitting Tape is cloth tape created specifically to modify your release, ease the grip tension and / or adjust the size of holes without having to make major adjustments to ball drilling. If you have to deal with increased swelling while you bowl, Fitting Tape might be a perfect solution. You will no longer have to pick at pieces of tape to remove them from your ball. Just apply the tape to your fingers or thumb before bowling and then remove tape as you swell. 

Semi-smooth F125 Fitting Tape Purple; Semi-smooth texture. The 100 series has a looser weave, slower release, medium thickness. 
  • Fabric: COTTON
  • Width: 1"
  • Pre-Cut Pack: 30 pcs