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Tips For Purchasing Your Perfect Bowling Ball

Tips For Purchasing Your Perfect Bowling Ball

If you score poorly at bowling, your bowling ball may be part of the problem. Not all bowling balls are created equally, and each bowling ball has its own specific qualities that affect your throw and your game. Choosing the right ball will dramatically improve your bowling scores and increase your throw consistency. But with vast amounts of types and sizes of balls available, finding the right one may be a daunting task for beginner bowlers or avid bowlers who want to improve their game. 

From the bowling ball's weight to the material that covers its surface, your decision will affect your bowling game. These tips for purchasing the perfect bowling ball will help make your experience successful. 

Your Ideal Bowling Ball Weight 

Many professional bowlers say that the ideal bowling ball weight should be approximately 10 percent of your body weight up to the maximum of 16 pounds. Many pro-bowlers use the heaviest 16-pound balls and the next step down 15-pound balls. Another method of finding your ideal ball weight is to add one or two pounds to the house ball you use at the bowling alley. House balls are typically two pounds lighter than a ball explicitly drilled for your hand. The best rule of thumb when determining your ideal bowling ball weight is never to choose a too heavy ball for you, as it needs to be comfortable for you to throw.

Pay Attention To The Ball's Cover Stock

The cover stock of a bowling ball is the material on its outer surface that determines how the ball reacts to lane conditions. Covers stocks are primarily made of urethane, reactive resin, and polyester, sometimes plastic. Each cover stock material will have its pros and cons that will affect your game. If you purchase your first bowling ball, you should choose a reactive resin cover stock as it provides more significant hook potential.

Choosing Your Perfect Bowling Ball

Once you've determined your ideal ball weight and the cover stock that fits your needs, you can search the extensive bowling ball selection at a reputable online bowling supply company. You can expect to pay anywhere from around $100 for baseline reactive resin bowling balls, with pricing advancing into the hundreds for some types of balls. A less expensive option is the polyester, or plastic, bowling balls which are a well-rounded choice for many bowlers new to the sport. 

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