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How to Warm Up Before You Bowl

How to Warm Up Before You Bowl

It’s no secret that bowling is not as intense as other sports. While this is true, it still requires you to warm up before you start. A quality warm-up will help prevent an injury and help you become a better bowler in the long run. 

Do you want to know what type of exercises you should do to prepare for a bowling match? If so, keep reading. 

Stretch Your Wrists 

Do you want to get your muscles warmed up before you bowl? If so, that’s a great idea. One of the best ways to get started is with a wrist stretch. You will find a few different exercises you can do before you bowl. While this is true, the best includes wrist extensions and wrist flexions. 

To perform a wrist flexion, you need to hold your arm straight with your palm pointed toward the ground. Grab your fingers with your other hand and pull down gently. If you pull too hard, you may injure your wrist. After several seconds of stretching, move to the other hand. 

For the wrist extension, you will hold your arm in the same position with the palm facing down. At this point, use your other hand to raise up your fingers and gently pull them toward your chest. Don’t do this too intensely or you may hurt yourself.

Do Light Cardio

Engaging in light cardio will help you prepare for almost any situation, which includes bowling. You can get your heart rate up and ready for a match by running a short lap around the parking lot or doing some jumping jacks. While it may seem like a silly thing to do, it will help you keep your energy up while you are playing. 

Make sure you stay aware of your surroundings while you do cardio. You don’t want to smack someone or get hit by a car. 

Try Shoulder Stretches

You will use your shoulder muscles quite a bit while you are bowling. Try to avoid an injury to your shoulder by stretching it lightly before you get started. A good shoulder stretch for bowling warm-ups includes holding your arm in front of your body, grabbing your elbow with your other hand, and pulling it toward your body. Be sure you do this on both sides, but don’t overstretch your shoulders. 

A gentle shoulder stretch requires you to stay in one place while you roll your shoulders to the front part of your body a few times before you go the other way. 

Stretch Your Legs 

It isn’t just your arms that you have to focus on when you are bowling. Your legs are going to get a good workout, too. Because of this, you should do a few leg warm-ups, such as quadricep stretches or side lunges. 

Getting Ready for a Bowling Match

If you are planning to bowl and want to play your best game ever, then stretching before your bowl is a smart move. This will help you avoid an injury and make sure that you aren’t injured. If you do this before every game, then you can even see significant improvements in how you play

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