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Helpful Tips to Get a Higher Score in Bowling

Helpful Tips to Get a Higher Score in Bowling

If you bowl, you are probably always working to improve your score. Believe it or not, there’s no need to bowl a perfect game to get better – all you must do is take small steps forward to help increase your bowling average.

Some tips to help you with this goal can be found here.

Roll More Strikes

This may seem obvious, but rolling more strikes is the best way to increase your bowling score.

You may wonder – how to do this. To begin with, you need to be consistent with your roll. Try to use the same movement each time from the starting point to your follow-through.

Use the same size steps at the same speed as you approach the lane. Aim at the same spot with each roll. Be sure your arm movement follows the same path and that your release point is near the same spot each time. When you get a strike, try to remember how it felt. This will help you replicate it next time.

Pick Up Any Spares

No one can throw a perfect strike each time you roll. Even the best-feeling and best-looking roll may leave a few pins standing. However, you just have to work to get the spare.

A key to increasing your bowling average is to make sure you aren’t leaving open frames. Just getting one more spare game can increase your bowling score significantly.

Avoid Rolling Straight

If you have ever watched professional bowling, you understand the top bowlers make their ball curve. This ensures the ball hits the pocket to the left or right of the center pin, which knocks all the other pins down thanks to the force exerted. If you roll your ball straight ahead, you will likely hit the center pin, which creates a split. This is extremely hard to pick up as a spare.

Avoiding this occurrence will help you increase your bowling score. To do this, you should try to curve the ball. Also called a hook, it is something you must practice to get right. Keep in mind, using the right bowling ball plays a huge role in helping you hook the ball effectively.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you want to improve a task, whether it is a job or hobby like bowling, practice is essential. The more you do something with continued effort, the more efficient and comfortable you will become. Take time to work on different facets of your bowling game. Doing this will help you see your score increase.

Improving Your Bowling Score

As you can see from the information above, there are more than a few ways to increase your bowling score. While this is something that will take time, it is also something that is well worth the time and effort you put into it. You can also get tips from a pro, who can help you learn tips and techniques to improve your score, no matter what your skill level is now.

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