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Essential Accessories Every Bowler Needs in Their Bag

Essential Accessories Every Bowler Needs in Their Bag

Bowling is the ultimate sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and experience levels. It’s a great team bonding event that improves hand-eye coordination and flexibility. While it can be challenging, everyone can participate rain or shine. It’s easy to develop a life-long love of this fantastic hobby and some people even go on to play professionally. Those who have already developed an intense love of the sport and play often probably already have a bowling ball and bag. If you don’t, then you can get one at Discount Bowling Supply. Otherwise, there are some essential accessories every bowler needs to carry in their bowling bag.

Ball Cleaner, Polish, and Towel

Everyone likes to bowl a great game and that starts with a clean bowling ball. Some cleaners can be applied between frames to keep your ball performing its best while others should be used between sessions to remove oil and dirt. You should also polish your bowling ball after a night out on the lanes to help control skid distance. Both options come down to a better game. You’ll also want a good towel to keep in your bag over your bowling ball. Microfiber towels are popular bowling towels because they can absorb plenty of oils without transferring them back onto your ball or other surfaces. You can use it to keep your hands dry and protect your bowling ball when it’s not in use.

Resin Bag/Powder, Bowling Tape, and Soapstone

Dry hands are a must for any bowler. The thrill of the moment can be exciting, and some hands tend to perspire with all those throws of the ball. Heavy bowling balls slip out of sweaty hands and end up in the gutter! Some people prefer to dust their hands with powder while others use a resin bag before each throw to keep their hands dry. Bowling tape is used to reshape the fingerholes in your bowling ball. If you’re bowling enough to have a bag, you’re going to want this stuff in there. The textured tape enhances your grip while the smooth tape makes for an easy release. Although, none of this will do you any good if you trip over sticky-soled shoes when you release the ball. Many experienced bowlers use soapstone on the soles of their shoes to ensure they slide smoothly. It lasts a long time, and it isn’t messy like many other products.

This may not be everything you’ll want in your bowling bag, but they are the vital necessities to get you started and ensure you can bowl your best game. You can get all these accessories and more at Discount Bowling Supply and have them shipped right to your door. Save time and money and still bowl your best game ever!

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