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Free Shipping On Orders Over $99!
Four Problems We Can't Help You With… And A Whole Bunch That We Can!

Four Problems We Can't Help You With… And A Whole Bunch That We Can!

At Discount Bowling Supply, we have the balls and accessories you need to show up the right way for league games or practice, or anything else.

 But nobody is perfect, and there are some things that we can help you with when you're at the bowling alley. Here are a few of them… 

 Old Bathrooms

 Some local bowling alleys have not put the requisite money into maintaining their bathrooms. You see it as soon as you step into the men's or women's room – in the form of old rusty fixtures, disgusting old toilets or urinals, and sinks that might not work, or soap that might not be there.

 That's for the alley to figure out. But when you want the best bowling balls and bags, so that you show up looking good, comes us!

 Vending Machines and Lockers

 You know that thing when you put your money in the vending machine, and your candy or nuts or what have you comes halfway out and then sticks there? Yeah, we can’t help you with that either. The same goes for lockers where different kinds of jams and glitches can be abundantly frustrating. We can’t drag your Cheetos down to the drop area – but we can sell you a ball that will make you King or Queen of the lane!

 Bad Pin Resets

 If you've ever seen a pin resetter mess up, you're not alone – these mistakes do happen, and they can cost people points. Even if you're able to bowl the frame over, you still might be wondering what could have happened if the machine didn't mess up your game.

 Take it up with the management!


 You have to get to the bowling alley someway, and when you get there, you have to park. Most alleys have abundant parking, but you might run into problems where some ungenerous and unthinking creature has parked a bit over the line, boxing you in, or you might even have to park on the grass and overflow area.

 Sorry, you're on your own.

 Again, though, you can get all kinds of neat bowling accessories for less money here at Discount Bowling Supply. Pay us a visit online and take care of what you can fix about your bowling experience! We’ll help you to get the best balls and accessories for less money, and a new look when you’re down on the lanes, wherever you happen to be. 



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