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Tips to Make Your Bowling Shoes Slide

Tips to Make Your Bowling Shoes Slide

While skill is a big part of bowling, luck comes into play, as well. While this is true, there’s one thing that can help boost both – your bowling shoes. 

The shoes you wear impact the last steps of your approach, which means the way they slide on the floor is a crucial aspect of your game. 

If your bowling shoes don’t properly and easily slide, they may break your flow and doom your game. While several issues may cause this problem, there are a few things you can do to improve how well your shoes slide. 

Purchase Quality Shoes That Fit Well

You need to purchase bowling shoes that fit you well. The proper fit will impact your shoe performance and how they slide. 

Quality shoes are also comfortable to wear, provide suitable floor grip, and ensure an efficient slide. If the shoes are loose, the grip you have on the floor will be unstable or unsafe. 

After buying a new pair of bowling shoes, take time to break them in. You may need a few sessions for them to slide properly. 

Choose Shoes with Switchable Soles 

Fit and comfort are important when choosing bowling shoes; however, the structure and design matter, too. It’s beneficial to purchase bowling shoes that allow you to change the soles and heels. 

You can find this feature in most modern bowling shoes. Remember, quality shoes are an investment, and they wear down quickly. A pair with interchangeable soles and heels can help you save money that would have to be spent on replacing them sooner than expected. 

Also, changing out parts of your shoe will let you adapt to the conditions at different bowling centers. For example, some have lanes with a thin finish, while others vary based on the season and humidity. With interchangeable heels and soles, you can change your shoe based on the environment. 

Tie the Shoelaces Well and Tight

Shoelace tightness impacts how the shoes fit. If shoelaces are loose, it causes additional space around your foot, which can result in instability. 

Also, since your feet cannot properly grip the floor, the slide ability may be reduced. If you keep your laces tied tightly, you can avoid these problems. 

Use a Shoe Slider

A simple way to make your shoes slide more easily is with a shoe slider. You can find a few options to choose from. 

You can find shoe sliders with elastic retaining bands that make using them simple. These are great for areas where there are high humidity levels. 

Improving Your Bowling Slide

While you may not realize it, your ability to slide as you approach the lane has a huge impact on your game. If you want to improve your slide, use the tips found here. Each of these will help you improve how your shoes slide, which can help improve your game and lead to a better score. You may want to try a few of the tips to get the best results.

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